What to call it? Log Blog…views from the log stack

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Well I never thought I’d see the day I wrote a blog, let alone about logs! How boring can I really be?

Well I think I should start by introducing a theme to this blog.┬áIt’s going to be views from the log stack and this may be a view on something (oh no don’t do it Tim I can hear you cry!) or just the latest view taken with our log stack in it! Luckily we have a great view over the Pennines from the log stack and here’s the latest one to give you an idea. It’s never dull, well not to me at least. This one shows our hardwood cordwood ready to process with the view to Cross and Great Dunn Fells last Saturday. This will be next winter’s logs for some lucky customer.

I’ll perhaps say a but more about myself and what we do at Westmorland Woodfuel next time.


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